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    We have hundreds of employees working around the clock to look after our massive network of water and sewage pipes, our treatment works, pumping stations and reservoirs to make sure that water and wastewater keep flowing to and from the homes and business in the region.
    Our roles range from Leakage inspectors, field technicians, samplers to jetters and meter readers  . They are out and about across Yorkshire searching for leaks, checking water quality, dealing with flooding, blocked sewers, burst water pipes and looking after our water and wastewater treatment sites. 

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Operator Scarborough, GB 15-Oct-2021 0.00 km
Scarborough, GB 15-Oct-2021
Resource Scheduler
Resource Scheduler Bradford, GB 14-Oct-2021 0.00 km
Bradford, GB 14-Oct-2021
Customer Relationship Manager
Customer Relationship Manager West Yorkshire, GB 11-Oct-2021 0.00 km
West Yorkshire, GB 11-Oct-2021
Customer Advisor
Customer Advisor Bradford, GB 06-Oct-2021 0.00 km
Bradford, GB 06-Oct-2021
Heavy Lifting Operative
Heavy Lifting Operative Normanton, GB 05-Oct-2021 0.00 km
Normanton, GB 05-Oct-2021
Operator Sheffield, GB 04-Oct-2021 0.00 km
Sheffield, GB 04-Oct-2021
Operator Malton, GB 04-Oct-2021 0.00 km
Malton, GB 04-Oct-2021
Public Health Manager
Public Health Manager Bradford, GB 04-Oct-2021 0.00 km
Bradford, GB 04-Oct-2021
Customer Research Executive
Customer Research Executive Bradford, GB 23-Sep-2021 0.00 km
Bradford, GB 23-Sep-2021