Working for Yorkshire Water

We’re delighted that you’re having a look at our careers pages and hope that these will give you a flavour about what life is like at Yorkshire Water.

Not many companies can say that everyone who lives in Yorkshire is their customer, but we’re one of a handful in the region that really does deliver a life essential service to each and every Yorkshire resident.

Every day of the year our engineers and technicians are working around the clock to make sure that when you turn the taps on the water flows and that when you flush the toilet, your waste water disappears. Whilst this is the core of what we do, there are many more parts to our business that people don’t always realise.

We’re Yorkshire's second biggest landowner and we’re passionate about caring for our land. We want to protect and enhance the environments we look after and work in, from safeguarding the quality of water that runs off into our reservoirs to protecting wildlife in the region’s rivers. We work with farmers, landowners and other environmental organisations to do things like plant a million trees to reduce the risks of flooding, restore miles of peatland or build fish passes to help bring back salmon, our work is not only exciting, but massively beneficial to Yorkshire as a whole.

Having such an important job to do every day is one part of who we are, but just as important is the way we go about doing that job.

Our Yorkshire Water way of doing things puts our customers and communities at the centre of decisions we make. We want to deliver the best possible service for all our customers  whoever they are, wherever they live and however they want to get in touch.

Water is such an essential ingredient in daily lives, in Yorkshire’s society, its economy and for our colleagues. Our vision ‘Taking responsibility for the water environment for good’ is all about making sure we look after it. It’s about doing what’s right for Yorkshire, for our customers, for our environment and for our communities.

To achieve our vision we’ve developed five big goals which will help us be sure we can continue to deliver the services and commitments our customers and stakeholders want from us in a way that remains affordable for all.

What we’re promising to do in the big goals is deliver great, tailored affordable services now and into the long term.

We’ll use data, innovation and technology to know our customers better and meet their needs. We’ll use new ways as well as tried and tested ones to reduce how much clean water we lose through leakage and increase the capacity of our existing sewer network by reducing the amount of rainwater that goes into it. All our activities will combine to ensure that our network can service a growing population without harming the environment and keeping bills low.

It’s a really exciting time to join Yorkshire Water, we’ve just written our plan for the next 25 years, and then a more detailed one for the next 5 years.

Have a look at what the future looks like working for Yorkshire Water: